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Request: Need Dashboards or Reports of Related Information While Working on Other Business Documents

Solution: If your dashboards are related to documents such as Sales Order or Quotation, you can view them while processing the document. All you have to do is select this checkbox “Enable sidebar in windows to display linked dashboards” in Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Display tab.  The coordinating dashboards are displayed in the document’s sidebar, providing you all the data you need without any additional clicks (please see the example screenshot below).

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Request: Need Dashboards of Reports with Related Information upon logging into SAP Business ByDesign for Fa st Access.


  1. After reports have been created with the saved 'Views' and 'Selections,' we have the ability to create dashboards on the 'Home' work center overview page in SAP Business ByDesign, which will appear when first logged in and to be able to quickly analyze the report data if needed (see screenshot on figure 1 below). 
  2.  This is done using the 'Personalize' option at the top right-hand corner of the screen (see screenshot on figure 2 below). 
  3. You will see a new 'Personalize' box appear in the 'Help Center' area (See screenshot in figure 3 below). Here you can scroll down to the 'Add a Report' option, and then in the general properties, you can add your 'Views' and 'Selections' for the report desired.  There is also the option for appearance, that lets you use an expanded or collapsed view of this report as the dashboard on the 'Home' work center overview page in SAP Business ByDesign.
  4. Once that is selected, you click the 'Add' button at the bottom placing this report in the list on your dashboard.  The next step is to click the 'Personalize Layout' button at the top to be able to adjust the location of the report on the dashboard using the arrows near the top (see screenshot in figure 4 below). Again, you will be able to change the layout from a collapsed or expanded view too. 
  5. The final steps are to click the 'Save' button at the top, followed by the 'X' at the top right-hand corner, and SAP ByDesign will refresh the screen displaying your new dashboard report on 'Home' work center overview page.

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